Class Schedule

Classes Begin November  2018              Dance Recital June  2019
Class Schedule for Fall

To Register on-line you will need a valid email address and a credit card.

Registering on-line is easy:
1)    Select the class for which you want to register and click on the Register button
        beside the class listing or "Click Here to Register for Classes
2)    Complete the Registration form that will automatically be displayed   
3)    Auto sign the registration form
4)    Submit form
5)    An email will be sent to you regarding your registration.
6)    Your credit card will be charged once your enrollment has been reviewed
        in the office
7)    See you in class!!!

We are in the process of Re-Locating the Studio
Our New Location is being upfitted for our studio
We will be celebrating our 15th Year in Business

Classes will begin Monday, November 19, 2018

Our New Location:
Granite Crossing
908 North Salisbury GQ Ave
Salisbury, NC   28146

We are looking for ALL STUDENTS wanting to take
 dance and/or tumbling classes


2018-2019 Fall Dance & Tumbling Classes

Classes Begin November 19,  2018
Fall Schedule


PreSchool Dance Classes
Preschool dance class are for students age 3 & 4 years of age.

Combo Dance Classes
Combo dance class are for students age 4 - 11 years of age.

Tap/Jazz Dance Classes
Tap & jazz dance class are for middle school and high school students.

Hip-Hop Dance Classes
Hip-hop dance class are based upon grade level & not age.
Mini Hip-Hop dance class is for Kindergarten & 1st grade students only.
Jr Hip-Hop dance class is for 2nd grade to 5th grade students.
MS/Sr Hip-Hop dance class is for 6th grade to high school students.

Classical Ballet Classes
Ballet & pointe classes are based on levels. Levels are based on skill sets mastered & not age.

Additional Dance Classes
Other dance classes offered to student include the following:
Liturgical, Lyrical, Acro Dance, Modern/Contemporary and Technique.
Modern/Contemporary and Acro Dance require Instructor's approval to be admitted to the class.
Contact the studio to register for those classes requiring instructor's approval.

Competition Dance Classes
Competition dance class are also taught.   Instructor's approval is required to be admitted to the class.   Contact the studio to inquire about these classes and for registration assistance.

Tumbling Classes
Tumbling classes are based on levels.  Levels are based on skill sets not age.
Classes are taught from a gymnastics perspective.

Registration & Tuition & Attendance Policy:
••On-line Registration requires your email address and a credit card.   You authorize TTPDC to charge your credit card for the    registration fee upon enrolling in a class.
••Registration fee of $30.00 per student is due upon enrollment.   (Maximum Registration fee per family is $60.00).
••Registration fee is non-refundable and reserves your child's place in class.
••Tuition payments are due by the 7th of the month.  Payments not received by the 7th of the month will have an additional $10.00 per child fee charged to the your account.  Tuition must be paid on time.  A current/valid credit card must be maintained on-line at all times.  You authorize TTPDC to charge your credit card for tuition not received by the 7th of the month plus the additional fee for late payment. Please make your payment by the 7th.
••Monthly tuition is charged until the studio has received a written request of cancellation.  All tuition charged to the account is due and payable to the studio.  Students not attending class does not constitute dropping the class.  Tuition is non-refundable.
••Tuition remains the same for long and/or short months.  (Tuition is set at equal monthly payments)
••Studio does not send monthly statements.
••Payments are accepted via Mastercard, VISA, cash or check.

••Missed classes cannot be made up.  Poor attendance & tardiness are disadvantages to the entire class.

Classroom Behavior:
••NO food, drinks, gum or jewelry are allowed in the dance or tumbling rooms.   Please refrain from wearing decorative hair accessories especially in tumbling classes.
••All students must remain in the lobby area until the instructor begins class. Students are not permitted to enter dance or tumbling rooms outside their assigned class times.
••After class students should be picked up promptly.  Students must remain in the building while waiting for their transportation.
••Running is not permitted on the premises.
••Students using the dancer's lobby are expected to follow the rules assigned to the area.   Students can be evicted from the dancer's lobby for not following the rules and/or not being courteous to all students, parents, instructors and guests.

Wait List:
••If a class is closed out "FULL" you may put your name on a waiting list for that class in the event someone drops that class & an opening becomes available.   Please contact the office to be added to a waitlist for a class.
••Register for another class so that your training can continue.
If there is no register button beside the class---Contact the studio to inquire about registering for that class

Dance/Tumbling Fall Tuition Rates
Total Weekly
Class Hours
Monthly Tuition If Tuition is Paid by 7th of Month   Monthly Tuition If Tuition is Paid after 7th of Month
1 Hour 60.00   70.00
1.5 Hour 70.00   80.00
2.0 Hours 80.00 90.00
2.5 Hours 90.00   100.00
3.0 Hours 100.00   110.00
       Tuition is based per student upon the number of hours of dance/tumbling classes the student
takes per week.

Example:  If a student takes a 1 hour dance class & 1 hour tumbling class each week----
Tuition for that student would be the 2 hour rate shown above of $80.00 if paid by the 10th of the current month.
If paid after the 10th of the current month it would be an extra $10.00 or $90.00.

(If your calculated hours are greater than the 1/2 rate, your rate is the next hourly rate.
Example:  If your total class hours per week is 1.75 hours your tuition is the 2 hour rate.)

Your tuition remains the same monthly amount regardless of short or long months.

If you need assistance with calculating your tuition call the office for assistance.
If your number of hours per week is not shown, please contact the office for additional rates.

The above rates show our multi-class discount rates per student.
 We also offer Family Discount rates.
Contact the office to inquire about those.