Combo Classes-Ballet/Tap/Jazz

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Combo Dance Classes

To The Pointe offers combination classes for dancers  5-9 years of age.   The classes are divided by the following ages:  5-6 year old, 6-8 year old and 7-9 year old.  

Combo classes are one hour in length, and are offered to give students a variety of dance subjects within the parameters of one class time.  The dance subjects covered include Ballet, Jazz and Tap.  Typically, two subjects are taught each week, and they are alternated, to adequately cover each subject.
Each combo class will perform one dance in the recital in June.   Instructors determine whether the dance will be ballet, tap or jazz.  This allows time to learn and rehearse the performance piece, and time to focus on the technique for the other two subjects as well.

Combo classes are an excellent option for beginners, as well as those students wanting to build on progressive skills in multiple subjects.  This is a great general dance base to build on.  As these students get older and progress through our program, they are better informed as to which subjects they want to focus on.

Dress Code:  Dancers must wear a leotard or unitard and convertible tights, any color, for dance class.  Dance skirts or dance shorts are allowed.   Please refrain from wearing dance costumes to class.  Secure hair up and away from the face and neck.
4-5 yr old Combo Class:     Pink ballet shoes
                                                Tan buckle tap shoes

5-6 yr old Combo Class:    Pink ballet shoes
                                                Tan buckle tap shoes
                                                (Jazz boot maybe needed for recital)

7-9 yr old Combo Class:    Pink ballet shoes
                                                Tan buckle tap shoes
                                                Tan jazz boot

(We sell all of the above shoes in our store on site)


  • Limited Class Size
  • Qualified instructors
  • Age Appropriate Music & Costumes
  • Builds on progressive dance skills



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