Hip Hop

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Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop dance is a style of dance that incorporates forms of break dance and various forms of street dance.   This class consists of a warm-up and across the floor technique.   Combinations are taught and rehearsed as well as the dance for the annual recital.   Technique and skills are built upon progressively during the dance year.

Mini Hip Hop is recommended for students in kindergarten & first grade.

Junior Hip Hop is recommended for students in the second grade through the fourth grade.

Teen Hip Hop is recommended for students in the
fifth grade to through the seventh grade.

Senior Hip Hop is recommended for students in the eighth grade through high school.

All Hip Hop classes include both boys and girls.

Hip Hop Competition Team is by invitation. 

Our Hip Hop classes are the only classes grouped by school grade level.


Dress Code:     Casual dancewear such as shorts, dance pants, t-shirts, etc are suggested for class.   Students may also wear leotards and add shorts for this class.   A more casual attire is allowed in this class.   Instructors will decided if students are not adhering to the dress code.   Lightweight tennis shoes should be worn to class.   (These shoes should be a pair of shoes that are set aside for dance only, and are not worn outside.)  A specific style of hip hop shoe will be chosen for the performance in the recital.


Hip Hop Dance Photos

Hip Hop


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