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Lyrical Dance

Our Lyrical class is for students who are 9 years old and up.   This class covers the subject of Lyrical/Contemporary, and is a subject specific class.  The class is restricted to dancers who have prior dance experience, and is suggested for dancers who have taken ballet.   Dancers need to have an understanding of body awareness prior to enrolling in this class.

Lyrical/Contemporary is a combination of ballet/jazz/contemporary dance.   This class teaches students to express feeling, emotion, and to interpret the music and lyrics through ldance.   The Lyrical class will perform one dance in the recital in June.

The class is suggested for dancers who have some to much dance background.   Beginners are not recommended to take this class.   Please see the Dance Director if there are any questions.

Dress Code:  Dancers must wear a leotard and tights, in any color, for dance class.  Dance skirts or dance shorts, and dance warm-ups are allowed.   Please pull your hair up and away from the face and neck.   Refrain from t-shirts, shorts, and other baggy clothing, as it hinders the ability of the teacher to see the body's lines, which is important for proper teaching and correction.   See our dancewear store for shoe requirements.



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