Middle School Dance-Tap/Jazz

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Middle School Dance

The Middle School class is for 10-12 year old students, covering the subjects of Tap and Jazz.  The class is for dancers who are continuing their dance education, and builds progressively on skills in the two subjects.   It is a one hour class, with the class time split between the two subjects.

The Middle School class will perform one dance in the recital in June.  Instructors determine whether the dance will be tap or jazz.   This allows time to learn and rehearse the performance piece, and time to focus on the technique for the other subjects as well.

The class is suitable for beginners as well as those students wanting to build on progressive skills in Tap and Jazz.  Students who take this class should be adequately prepared to take the next class in our studio's class progression, the High School class.

Dress Code:  Dancers must wear a leotard and tights, in any color, for dance class.  Dance skirts or dance shorts, and dance warm-ups are allowed.   Please pull your hair up and away from the face and neck.  Refrain from t-shirts, shorts and other baggy clothing, as it hinders the ability of the teacher to see the body's lines, which is important for proper teaching and correction.  See our dancewear store for shoe requirements.



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