PreSchool Dance & Tumbling

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PreSchool Dance

PreSchool Dance

Our PreSchool Dance class is an introduction to creative movement, general coordination, & directional skills.  It is a one hour class and includes ballet/movement, tap &  intro to basic preschool tumbling skills.    The PreSchool Dance class covers dance & intro to acro.   The first 45 minutes of class is devoted to Dance, ballet/movement & tap.   The last 15 minutes of class the students are exposed to basic tumbling skills.  Each preschool class will perform one dance in the recital in June.  Instructors decide if the recital dance is either ballet/movement or tap.   Each week your child will receive two stamps for good behavior, one for the dance portion of class, and one for the tumbling portion of class. 

Dress Code:  Preschoolers must wear a leotard or unitard & convertible tights for dance class.  Leotards, unitards, or leotards with skirts can be any color.   Please do not allow your dancer to wear dance costumes for class. 

Pink ballet shoes
Tan buckle tap shoes
Convertible tights

(We sell all of the above in our store on site)


  • Limited Class Size
  • Qualified instructors
  • Age Appropriate Music & Costumes

PreSchool Tumbling

Our PreSchool tumbling is incorporated in with the PreSchool Dance class.


PreSchool Dance Photos

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